Use PDA to determine people’s Behavioral Profiles, manage their talent and develop their skills.

  • The fastest-growing Talent Management tool of recent years.
  • It has been scientifically verified to have a 90% reliability rate.
  • It has ISO9001 certification, meets EEOC requirements and has been internationally validated by AIOBP.
  • It’s simple and intuitive, enabling you to obtain a wide variety of reports and graphs over the Internet, providing information on individuals and teams.


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With the PDA Assessment tool you will be able to…

  • Hire the most suitable people for each Job
  • Team up the best talent
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Select the best career path for executives and professionals
  • Identify employees and teams strengths and development areas


Optimize your selection and talent development processes.


Discover your behavioral profile, work on your self-development and get results using PDA tools.

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Additional Psychometric & Competencey based Assessments


Workshops aimed at preparing Consultants and Analysts to successfully apply PDA Consulting Dynamics.The workshop methodology that is utilised includes:

  • Experiential learning methods: gamification
  • Video material
  • Relevant case studies and papers
  • Applicable theories and models
  • Group and pod discussions
  • Self-introspection exercises
  • Applicable assessment tools


Cheryl Mackinnon – Kwa-Zulu Natal PDA Africa Principle Partner

One such story involves a young pupil who was on a final warning and was on the verge of being expelled for continual non compliance and continually pushing the boundaries in all aspects of the school rules. In conjunction with yourself and your wonderful assistance we did a PDA on this pupil and determined how we could best handle him in class and the boarding establishment. His parents were included in this intervention strategy and they were supportive of using the same behaviour handling techniques on their son at home in the holidays. As a result of these interventions, the young man flourished, and he became a valued student, was promoted to become a prefect and is now accomplishing well at University. This is one such positive example of the value the application of the PDA has made in a young persons life.

Noel Coetzee - Executive Headmaster
Creston College

The use of PDA adds tremendous value in begin able to generate online reports to acess the candidates against the behavioral demands of each position. This information can be utilized in both the selection and development processes of internal employees.

Head of Careers and Development

Head of Careers and Development
Santander Rio

We incorporated PDA, integrating it with our competency-based performance evaluations. This added immense value in: – Providing additional insight of potencial outcomes of the observed evaluations; – Improving the way to provide feedback to those tested; – Helping achieve greater confidence and commitment of the line in the skills development programa t a regional level.

Regional Manager of Training and Development

Regional Manager of Training and Development

We use PDA for our selection process, using it from mid management levels to the CEO. This tool determined our prevailing strengths and áreas of improvement, for both individuals and for the organization as a whole. It was very valuable to be able to provide feedback to each individual involved. One of the PDA’s greatest virtues i show it allows you to give feedback

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

I recently completed my PDA and MPC Analyst accreditation (May 2017). In preparation for the training I had to complete a PDA Assessment for myself, and received my report prior to attending the training event. I eagerly studied my report to assess whether it will indicate anything different from the other numerous assessment instruments I had been exposed to in the past. I read the report twice, both times feeling disappointed and somewhat jaded that it was contrary to what I expected. I didn’t agree with most of the elements of the report and made notes as such to discuss with my trainer. As I had 2 – 3 days between the time I received my PDA report and attending the training – I had time to process (and find more areas of disagreement) with the report. However, the more I processed the information the more I started to question my own self-perception about myself. I got to get real with myself – in that I had to really “unpack” the different facets of who I am, the real me. The more I “dug for me” the more I started to agree with every element of the report. It was like meeting myself after a long absence (and this is true – I had been absent from myself for at least 10 years)! I have been everything to everyone without being anyone!!! By the time I attended the training, where the meaning of the report was explained thoroughly, I had already settled the disagreement and was looking forward to putting the puzzle together. I was completely blown away!!! The information I received was like finding the gold – it all made sense! All the dots were connecting. The simplicity of the assessment and the reach data that comes out it is absolutely amazing. I have been exposed to a number of instruments – the PDA surpasses most by far. The ‘beauty’ of the PDA is in its multiple uses and its developmental angle My Coaching Practise (the very reason I embarked on this journey in the first place) is using the PDA as a baseline tool upon which I plug the other processes.

PDA Client

I have recently used the PDA team to help me unpack the people challenges I was facing in the business. Having used these tools before and worked closely with Cheryl Mackinnon, when faced with familiar challenges I reached out. The PDA team was able to unpack all of my challenges and incorporated it into a tailor made course that covered all of my challenges and packaged it in such a way that the team came to the same conclusions. We just completed the course for 13 key members of my management team, and within the first month, I have already seen improvements. My team have learnt more about themselves and it was an amazing lightbulb moment when the team shared their insights with each other. Thanks to Cheryl and Sue 2018 is looking a whole lot brighter.

Prakashnie Govender - General Manager
Kingdom Slots


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